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  • 12-Month Access

  • Module Exams

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Course Curriculum

    1. Watch Michael's Lesson: Openers

    2. Course Test: Openers

    3. 1 Page Sales Call Strategy

    4. Step-by-Step Guide: Openers

    5. Customizable Word-For-Word Template: Openers

    6. Audio Example of Michael's Cold Call Opener

    7. ROI: How to Role Play Your Opener

    1. Michael's Lesson: Gatekeepers

    2. Mini Quiz: Gatekeepers

    3. Step-by-Step Guide: Gatekeepers

    4. Customizable Word-For-Word Template for Gatekeepers

    5. Watch Michael's Lesson: Voicemails

    6. Mini Quiz: Voicemails

    7. Step-by-Step Guide: Voicemails

    8. Customizable Word-for-Word Template for Voicemail

    9. BONUS: Sales Call Cadence Example

    10. Course Test: Gatekeepers and Voicemails

    1. Watch Michael's Lesson: Engagement Questions

    2. Mini Quiz: Engagement Questions

    3. Step-By-Step Guide: Engagement Questions

    4. Watch Michael's Lesson: Qualifying

    5. Mini Quiz: Qualifying

    6. Step-By-Step Guide: Qualifying

    7. Course Test: Engagement Questions & Qualifying

    1. Watch Michael's Lesson: Starting Your Presentation

    2. Mini Quiz: Starting Your Presentation

    3. Step-By-Step Guide: Starting Your Presenation

    4. Watch Michael's Lesson: Tie Downs

    5. Mini Quiz: Tie Downs

    6. Step-By-Step Guide: Tie Downs

    7. Watch Michael's Lesson: Wrapping Up Your Presentations

    8. Mini Quiz: Wrapping Up Your Presentations

    9. Watch Michael's Lesson: Closing on Solution Concept

    10. Mini Quiz: Closing on Solution Concept

    11. Step-By-Step Guide: Closing on Solution Concept

    12. Watch Michael's Lesson: Having the Right Tone

    13. Watch Michael's Lesson: Objection Handling

    14. Mini Quiz: Objection Handling

    15. Step-By-Step Guide: Objection Handling & Closing

    1. Final Exam

    1. Watch Michael's Lesson: Follow Ups

    2. Mini Quiz: Follow Ups

    3. Step-By-Step Guide: Follow Ups

    4. Watch Michael's Lesson: Referrals

    5. Mini Quiz: Referrals

    6. Step-By-Step Guide: Referrals

    7. Watch Michael's Lesson: Goal Setting

    8. Step-By-Step Guide: Goal Setting

    9. Goal Setting Worksheet

    10. Mini Quiz: Goal Setting

    11. Watch Michael's Lesson: Time Management

    12. Step-By-Step Guide: Time Management

    13. Time Management Strategy Worksheet

    14. The Most Important Sales Tip Ever

    15. Mini Quiz: Time Management

About this course

  • 6 x $99.00
  • 56 lessons
  • 3.5 hours of video content


30.4% increase

Chris Corcoran

"Michael, I wanted to let you know how you’ve helped us move the needle. Our KPIs since starting your training is skyrocketing! 25% increase in setting appointments and a 30.4% increase in appointments to opportunities!"

It’s money in the bank.

Jeffrey Gitomer: Sales Author: Little Red Book of Selling

"Michael Pedone is one of the few sales trainers that actually knows what he’s talking about. Take his course. It’s money in the bank."

Extremely Helpful

Casey Hildreth Director Of Business Development

"The SalesBuzz online course has been extremely helpful for developing new sales talent in our organization, as well as providing valuable reminders of best practices for seasoned salespeople. I highly recommend the course to any company that has a sales unit that is struggling with getting call-backs, suffering from call-reluctance, or not meeting conversion rate KPIs, but are making plenty of outreach and burning through qualified leads. Michael is an expert and the administrative team at SalesBuzz is extremely helpful!"

Best money my boss ever spent

Ashley Simon - EVP Business Development

"Best money my boss ever spent on me. I have learned more in the past 6 weeks through your online sales training course than I have learned in all sales training programs over the past 4 years. Thank you for being so damn smart!"

Outside Sales Vs Inside Sales

Alicia Lawrence - Sales Manager

"I took your course 3 years ago when I started CareerCast as a Sales Representative. I’ve always been outside sales and never knew how different inside sales could be. The knowledge I received through this course helped me to increase sales and become the top sales person literally every month. I am now the Sales Manager! This is why I want to incorporate your training for my team to be just as successful."


Michael Pedone - Founder of SalesBuzz

SalesBuzz Sales Coach Michael Pedone

Hi, I'm Michael Pedone, the founder, CEO, and head instructor at I'll take your team through the same steps I used to achieve top sales awards while winning my sales managers' praise. The same B2B sales strategies allowed me to start multiple companies and provide my family with the lifestyle I never had but always wanted. I have a unique phone sales method that anyone can learn in just 8 hours and start generating more sales. I look forward to sharing it with you and your team.


  • I'm ready to sign up. What happens next?

    Upon payment, you will be given immediate access to the course. Expect to accomplish two (2) modules a week (1 to 2 hours of study time per week)

  • How long does it take to complete the entire course?

    Our most popular option is our Accelerated Program, which releases two (2) modules a week for four (4) weeks. We recommend you set aside an hour for each module. Our courses follow the "Single Concept" learning model, which means they will learn specific steps of the sales process in a logical, sequential order and have real-world time on the phones to put to practice what they've learned before jumping to the next step.

  • How long do we have access to the course/material?

    You will have 12 months of access.

  • Are Sales Script Templates Included?

    Yes! Here's a list: Opening Value Statements, Voicemail/Email, Engagement Questions, Identifying Opportunity Size, Identifying Pain point/Hot buttons, Identifying the Real Decision-Maker(s), Identifying Time-Frame, Identifying Ideal Solution, Qualifying on Price, How to Use Tie-Downs During Presentation, Closing on Solution Concept, Objection Handling & Closing

  • Are Exams Included?

    Yes. After each module (and some chapters) there are exams. Students need to get 100% before moving on so if a question is answered incorrectly, they can quickly go back, restudy that section and take the exam again, which will have new questions pulled at random on that subject matter. This is how we confirm they are learning the material and not just memorizing questions and answers.

  • Is there a Certification at the end?

    Yes! Students who pass the final exam receive a digital certification proving they completed and passed the course!

  • What if we have questions during the course?

    You will have your own training coordinator that you can contact on behalf of your sales team who is ready to assist you with any questions!

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