B2B Phone Skills Improvement Curriculum

    1. How to Pique a Prospect's Interest in the First Few Seconds of a Sales Call

    2. Course Test: Openers

    3. 1 Page Sales Call Strategy

    4. Step-by-Step Guide: Openers

    5. Customizable Word-For-Word Template: Openers

    6. Audio Example of Michael's Cold Call Opener

    7. ROI: How to Role Play Your Opener

    8. BONUS Videos

    1. Gatekeepers: How to Avoid Being Rejected

    2. Mini Quiz: Gatekeepers

    3. Step-by-Step Guide: Gatekeepers

    4. Customizable Word-For-Word Template: Gatekeepers

    5. Voicemail Strategies: How to Get Prospects to Call You Back Today!

    6. Mini Quiz: Voicemails

    7. Step-by-Step Guide: Voicemails

    8. Customizable Word-for-Word Template: Voicemails

    9. BONUS: Sales Call Cadence Example

    10. Course Test: Gatekeepers and Voicemails

    1. Getting Prospects to Open Up AND Recognize Problems They Never Knew They Had

    2. Course Test: Engagement Questions

    3. Step-By-Step Guide: Engagement Questions

    1. How to Identify the Real Decision Maker(s), What to do (and NOT to do) If you're not speaking with them, and How to Qualify Your Prospect on Price.

    2. Course Test: Qualifying

    3. Step-By-Step Guide: Qualifying

    1. Deliver presentations that hit prospects' hot buttons + How to Handle Objections & Close the Sale

    2. Mini Quiz: Starting Your Presentations

    3. Step-By-Step Guide: Starting Your Presentations

    4. Watch Michael's Lesson: Tie Downs

    5. Mini Quiz: Tie Downs

    6. Step-By-Step Guide: Tie Downs

    7. Watch Michael's Lesson: Wrapping Up Your Presentation

    8. Mini Quiz: Wrapping Up Your Presentation

    9. Watch Michael's Lesson: Closing on Solution Concept

    10. Mini Quiz: Closing on Solution Concept

    11. Step-By-Step Guide: Closing on Solution Concept

    12. Watch Michael's Lesson: Having the Right Tone

    13. Watch Michael's Lesson: Objection Handling

    14. Mini Quiz: Objection Handling

    15. Step-By-Step Guide: Objection Handling

    16. BONUS: Sales Call Funnel

    17. Course Test: Presentations, Objection Handling, and Closing

    1. The five-step follow-up call strategy, plus how to use social selling to generate warm inbound leads and referrals.

    2. Additional Help with Follow-up Calls

    3. Mini Quiz: Follow-Up Calls

    4. Step-by-Step Guide: Follow-Up Calls

    5. Watch Michael's Lesson: Referrals

    6. Mini Quiz: Referrals

    7. Step-By-Step Guide: Referrals

    8. Course Test: Follow-Ups and Referrals

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